Client Services

EMR is one of the emerging markets fastest growing professional and specialist recruitment consultancies.

EMR’s consultants focus on permanent recruitment solutions, exclusively by a specific industry sector or function. The firm is different to most firms that operated in this space for two reasons:

  • EMR's consultants dedicates no less than 90 % of their day to speaking to the market, individual and businesses alike, all day, every weekday and on every other weekend. This generates real-time information that you and your business becomes aware of, usually first and can act accordingly to maintain or create competitive advantage
  • EMR only represent top quartile individuals. Equally, EMR works with businesses that are sure of the talent they want and realistic. This means that EMR is connected to a niche and privileged talent pool that is often ‘hard to find’, especially in emerging markets

Our Approach for Clients
Case Studies
  • The client, A family office group with its own food and consumer goods business achieved faster revenue growth than the market
  • Bottom line profit was lower than the market
  • Talent in the firm began joining multinational firms (retention rate at mid level at 72 %)
  • EMR became aware of the staffing issue and engaged with the client
  • EMR spoke to individuals that left the firm, provided insightful intel to the client to revamp internally
  • The mid level space was seen as ‘bleeding’. EMR delivered a focused campaign
  • Over three weeks, EMR engaged with more candidates than the client had spoken to over two years
  • EMR delivered branding to candidates and individually prepared
  • All 24 mid level individuals EMR provided were hired, 5 more than planned with a retention rate of 91 % retention 18  months later
  • An operator in the natural resources space required a major revamp in staffing capability
  • The firm also had a cash injection that increased three fold to 1.4 billion USD and required new staff
  • Staff required are highly specialised
  • EMR developed a plan to work with its sister firm, Carter Fleming Search, to provide a specialised and targeted approach
  • EMR focused on delivering talent at entry level and managed a graduate and experience entry campaign
  • Carter Fleming Search delivered all specialised and executive positions
  • EMR sourced five local nationals in the Arab country for every one vacancy. The campaign generated substantial interest
  • Double the number of planned graduated were hired from both genders
  • A Middle Eastern leading bank found it increasingly difficult to hire compliance and underwriters
  • Attrition rate was particularly high at the bank and unable to develop a sustainable network of candidates
  • EMR’s contacts consultants in compliance and underwriting, both located in the same region, connected with their network of 48 caliber individuals
  • The consultants advised the client with the realism what needed to change – succession planning and compensation modifications, although not substantial
  • Over two weeks, a series of interviews occurred. EMR ensured only a handful of the 48 individuals were interviewed initially, to protect candidate interests and keep ‘below the radar’
  • The initial handful of candidates were offered and accepted
  • EMR continues to speak to the individuals, sharing market intel; two candidates of which became new clients
  • A major pharmaceutical firm, under pressure from the local regulator, was unable to hire the  necessary staff for sales
  • Market growth averaged 18 % whilst the clients sales were at 7 %
  • Lack of relevant staff hurting the clients firm. The firm could not pay for ‘specialised’ services with fees upfront and needed a ‘quick win’
  • Through continued dialogue within the sales & marketing arena with pharmaceutical firms, coupled with graduates with relevant degrees that could fulfill such sales roles, EMR had at hand a number of talented individuals to engage with
  • Eleven vacancies remained vacant and 16 candidates presented
  • In total, 14 candidates of 16 were hired with time to fill of 11 days
  • Client was seen as very efficient in process by the candidates, managed by EMR – word spread as a reputable firm
  • The client later wasle to source from direct applications for majority of vacancies in sales – applications shot up by five fold in three months  through EMR’s reach
  • An industrial firm, operating remotely, continued to miss strategic targets
  • The people factor by not having the right technical talent onboard became increasingly difficult to hire
  • Competition from larger scale projects with competitors were attracting the same talent, successfully
  • EMR developed basic values with the firm, alongside a compelling value proposition
  • EMR also provides the client with market-data that better aligns compensation levels with the market
  • EMR provided the client’s management team with first hand recruitment techniques and how to better engage with people for interviews
  • Through a series of dedicated client days, EMR engaged with talent to consider the opportunities in the technical arena
  • Feedback from candidates found the events to be the most engaging they have experienced
  • EMR successfully advised the client to bring onboard all necessary talent, although time to fill was a week more than planned
  • A global major hotel chain developed a plan to open 15 new hotels over period of four years across a middle eastern country
  • The firm had not operated to this scale before and was concerned with the need to hire quality staff to ensure service excellence
  • EMR engaged with the firm, hearing about the growth concept and shared ideas how the client may go about hiring
  • EMR advised to develop a large scale graduate program whilst hiring considered experts from international markets for a three year program
  • A series of graduate events across multiple cities was originated and managed by EMR, procuring over 160 graduates
  • International experts onboarded and a year later, a third of the graduates hired are in accountable roles. EMR continues to hire for the client
  • Telecoms major suggested working with EMR as a trial to consider a firm that can provide ‘swift’ solutions
  • EMR, although not necessarily focusing on the vacancies that the client had vacant, agreed to work with the client under certain conditions including exclusivity 
  • Reaching out to relevant talent, EMR utilised a combination of referrals and ‘word of mouth’ to  consider the actual ‘real’ capabilities of candidates to approach
  • Through a combination of primarily technical roles, EMR focused on targeting specific skill-sets across  a multitude of telecom operators and service providers
  • Through a series of interviews, the client interviewed all candidates. The specifications later changed, which required half of the candidates to drop out of the process
  • EMR delivered half of the original vacancies successfully. The client later provided exclusivity and a sustainable way for both firms to operate together, which remains the case today
  • A global major airline developed a new business arm to focus on a new type of service to the market
  • Such talent did not exist in country, nor regionally
  • The client did not feel confident that existing recruitment providers could deliver the project
  • EMR developed a compelling value proposition why they should consider the client, based in a region that is often misunderstood
  • EMR connected with individuals especially from developed markets to find the necessary skill-sets
  • Market response positively surprised EMR through a series of campaigning. Direct approach to candidates and highlighting the clients value propositions allowed all roles to be fulfilled in 23 days
  • The client retains EMR time to time with new project growth initiatives and individual mid-tier vacancies
  • A strategic consulting firm required a specialist that focused on the Middle Eastern education sector
  • The client had been unable to source such a talent over three months, having worked with a retained search firm 
  • Although not part of EMR’s search process, EMR decided to deliver a detailed search to cover ~75 % of all available talent in the sector
  • EMR connected with relevant talent, most of which were working with reputable firms and felt grounded
  • Continued pitching and speed of delivery were key in allowing EMR to deliver time to fill of five weeks
  • The individuals that joined the client, contacted EMR a few months later to support their client, a school, to consider a larger scale sourcing project, which is now being delivered by EMR’s sister firm